Firbolg druid


Age: 28
Height: 7’1"
Weight: 280lbs
Build: a little gangly still but growing into the brawn that most firbolgs tend toward, tends to hunch over to make himself seem smaller
Eyes: hazel
Hair: brown/blond, long-ish, usually kept tied back or up in a bun
Skin: fair

Vasa wears drab, cast-off clothing, mostly a little too small for him since the townsfolk are, as a general rule, not as big as he is. He also has a set of hide armor that has obviously seen a lot of wear and been mended many times that he keeps meticulously clean and tidy when he’s not wearing it. He prefers to be barefoot whenever possible, and still hasn’t quite come around to the idea of sleeping in actual beds. Or buildings, for that matter.


Vasa is a firbolg druid from deep within the Kyr Forest in Basoleku. Through a series of incidents he’s reluctant to speak about at the moment, he’s spent the last few years living on his own in Falkirk Glen, picking up whatever odd jobs he can find. Vasa is horribly shy and insecure, often can’t bring himself to speak above a whisper, and would rather spend his time in the forest with animals and trees than with other humanoids. It is, however, ingrained in him to do things strictly for the good of the clan – regardless of what form that clan takes.


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