Murkwood Museum of Magnificent Monstrosities

Murkwood Museum of Magnificent Monstrosities by Ilana SteinbergHistory

The Murkwood Museum of Magnificent Monstrosities was built by Raz Dagrun.


The museum stands eight miles west of Falkirk Glen in Yumeren, beside The Rusty Blade. There are no other buildings or signs of civilization in the area.

Murkwood has a stone brick exterior and stands two stories tall. The full name of the museum is etched into the stone above the doorway. The building is sturdy and well built, but there are a few places where the mortar is starting to crumble away from between the bricks.

The area around the museum is overgrown with grass and weeds, leaving only a short, narrow path to the door.

In the main hall, there is a large area in the center marked off by ropes, now hanging with cobwebs, and in some places the posts holding these ropes up are tipped over. However, there is nothing in this area, just a place where something should be or possibly once was. Everything is covered with a thick layer of dust. There are three archways—one in each wall of this square lobby—that seem to lead to other areas of the building.

The Western Wing

In the western wing, there is a small room which Kosima is using as an office. It is filled with several bookcases and crates.

The Eastern Wing

The Northern Wing

Second Floor

Murkwood Museum of Magnificent Monstrosities

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