Wynifred Norfir

Human wizard


Age: 21
Height: 5’5"
Weight: 195
Build: small and chubby-ish, but very strong
Eyes: brown
Hair: black, curly, down a little past her shoulders
Skin: tan

Wyn tends to dress in well-made, functional clothes. Nothing showy, but nicer than most adventurers and academics. She has rigidly good posture because she really wants to seem taller than she is. She prefers standing to sitting and HATES having to look up at people.


Wynifred, or Wyn, is a human Wizard from Wildereach, the capital of Yumeren. She’s just recently graduated from Barneburg University, where she studied Evocation Magic under Thallan Bryedove. She’s slow to trust, quick to get on the defensive, and inexplicably delighted by Murkwood, despite the dust and disrepair.

She does not like the countryside.

Wynifred Norfir

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